Feel closer to the world.
I find myself reborn.

Kashiwa-no-ha International Village (KIV) connects with the world and grows
together with the international innovative town, Kashiwa-no-ha.

International students and researchers from all over the world get together
and the interaction of intelligence and creativity makes Kashiwa-no-ha
Campus innovative.

At the central area of "Gate Square", Mitsui Fudosan created sharing style
accommodation "Kashiwa-no-ha International Village" where international
people get together and enjoy their everyday life.
The residents meet people from all over the world at KIV, get interacted
with different cultures and create precious relationship which makes
the important place "Village".

You will find yourself reborn.

Japanese Lifestyle

Sharing your daily lives with Japanese residents enables you to adapt quickly to the customs and culture of Japan.

Understanding Japanese customs and culture can be tough when you live alone. By sharing daily lives, you naturally come into contact with many Japanese residents. This allows you to learn the Japanese language and culture more easily and make yourself feel at home more quickly.

Networking Events

Expand your network by participating in various events

Meeting people of various age groups is often not so easy in a foreign country. Shared housing provides ample opportunities for networking. We hold welcoming parties for new residents and also introduce you to local events.

Furniture & Electronic Appliances

The rooms are furnished with basic items such as beds, desks and lighting.

When starting a new life, it’s good to keep the cost of purchasing furniture and electronic appliances to a minimum. Our shared housing comes fully equipped with basic items including beds, desks, chairs, curtains, lighting and air conditioners, allowing you to move in and out in smart and economic ways.


The feeling of security, an essential part of pleasant daily life, is an additional advantage of shared housing.

Having friends who welcome you home each day free you from the loneliness associated with living alone. The comfort of being able to exchange simple greetings such as “Good Morning” or “I’m home” is indispensable. The automatic locking system and security cameras also add to your sense of security.

Enjoy your time in Japan in a quality living environment and community

The Kashiwa-no-ha International Village offers shared rental housing for international exchange. It is located on the top floor of the new Hotel & Residences building in the Gate Square district around Kashiwa-no-ha Campus Station, the gateway to the fast-growing international academic city of Kashiwa-no-ha. We help you network with students and researchers from not just Japan but also various countries. We provide services to help maximize your time in Japan.

※The photograph of printing will be taken in May, 2014.

conceptual diagram

Aspiring to create a global vision for the future,
the city vibrates with the energy to change the world.

  • Smart Center (reference photo)

  • Town Health Station