An Open Community that Brings About
New Possibilities for the Future

Common Living Room

Make discoveries and learn new values in your daily life by sharing space with individuals from various countries.

Common Dining Room

Mealtime is an ideal moment for socializing. You can develop and improve your global mindset by engaging in casual conversation with individuals from other countries.

Common Kitchen

A stylish kitchen you can use 24 hours a day, where you can prepare your local dish at any time

Indoor Corridor

An indoor corridor with a modern look that makes effective use of the color green and gives the space a hotel-like, quality atmosphere

Shower Room

An individual shower room coupled with a dressing room, that protects privacy

※Rentals of Studio-type rooms do not include access to the Shower Room.

Laundry Room

A functional laundry room equipped with a washer, a dryer and a sink.

Message Board

A useful residents’ tool for leaving messages for each other that can help forge closer relationships.

Traditional Japanese
Tatami Room

Residents can participate in events introducing Japanese culture, such as calligraphy and kimono lessons.

※The photograph of printing will be taken in May, 2014.